Monday, April 13, 2015

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 38


Thank you so much for the Birthday Wishes! You all are the Best! I had a great birthday :) it is weird, I'm 20 now.... well one more year! Had a good day, we went to the Book of Mormon class that we teach every Wednesday and that was fun, I always learn when we teach that class. On Thursday, we had interviews with President, that went well, he is still as tall as ever hahaha. Then we went to go see Mike and Steve, and then Chris, they are so much fun to go visit, and when we go we always make their day :) And at 8, we took the Sister's recent convert Steve with us out teaching, to go see Grace, Mary, and Dorcas, it was a awesome lesson. I think the thing that stood out to me the most this week was how it doesn't matter if you understand the language being spoken or not, the spirit always brings understanding, when we went to teach them, Grace wasn't there, and she speaks the best English and helps Mary understand because her English isn't the best. So the first miracle was getting in the their home, I didn't think that she would let us because Grace wasn't there, but she let us in! So we taught the Plan of Salvation to Mary and Dorcas, and they understood it :) and even asked good questions, so we invited them to be baptized, Dorcas said yes, and Mary was wondering if she needed to, because she said that she had already been baptized in another church in Africa. So we explained to her why she would need to be baptized, so she thought about it and then said yes! We set up another time for Saturday when Grace would also be home, so we came back with Steven again, talked about the Restoration again, and Invited Grace to be baptized, she also said yes! And then Mary started testifying about Baptism, that she believed everything that we are saying and that her and her family could be baptized 20 times, but if it wasn't by the right authority it doesn't count.... Elder Santamaria, Steven, and I just looked at her in amazement! Before the lesson, I was worried about Mary that she might of not understood us, but after that, I realized how much power the Spirit has in the lesson! It was amazing! On Friday we had a less active Family that we visit and are teaching their son who is not a member, so all morning I kept feeling, go over to their house at 4:00. Originally we had planned to go over later, so it got closer to 4, and we were riding around on our bikes and I told Elder Santamaria that we need to see them now, but he wanted to tract or something and see them later, finally I got him to go, so we knock on their door at 4:00, and they are home and not sick! So talked with her for a while, found out that their dog passed away earlier that day, he was 17! So her son, has been depressed all day, so we talked with him too, teaching him about prayer and that it can really help when we feel sad, and taught the restoration. By the end of the lesson, he had a smile on his face :) so I was so glad we came over at that time to help brighten someone's day. Also I don't know that it was about this week and our investigators saying some pretty profound stuff, but he said things to that I had never thought of before about why we have scriptures, I can't remember exactly what he said but something like, "the scriptures help us to see how others before us got their faith and believed" it was a great week! We also had the Babble Taco Challenge! The Babbles are members here and when their (our) district has all new missionaries, they hold the Babble Taco Challenge- how many tacos can you eat in a hour! Elder Schwartz got 7, I got 12, Sister Ellis got 13, Sister Young got 14, Elder Santamaria got 15, and Elder Staili got 20. The Record was 21. Sooo fullll......... Sister Young and Elder Santamaria threw up right after so we all thought that was funny. I heard about the tornadoes in Oklahoma, but not really worried here in Wichita, everything just goes around us, so pretty safe, we just have rain. Love you guys!