Saturday, July 25, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 49

Never a dull moment in Chickasha, we are always really busy and rushing around everywhere, we are seeing lots of people which is good. It is cool to watch the Branch here slowly grow. So last Monday was fun, we went to a members house and played snooker while we were there, it was fun. We have two investigators, Tammy and Ms. Yoshi, they live across the street from one another, but they both have the largest gardens I have ever seen, it is really cool looking, I will have to take a picture of it sometime. And they have everything in them, even fish, they took the back of a old truck and lined it with a tarp, and turned it into a pond, it looks really cool. So I really like going over there and seeing all the plants and fish. We helped some members move this week, it was pretty hot outside, I like it better in the winter. We went down to Rush Springs on Wednesday to visit some people, that went well, and there is a Watermelon festival happening soon down there, so that sounds cool, everyone here talks about it and how good the watermelons are. I think we are starting to do better with the miles and the car, we drive more to the center of our area and then we bike from there, so yeah, biking a lot more now. We have a few more investigators this week, everyone is doing well. Had a good time at church, it is awesome to see people coming back to church, they are so much happier with the gospel in their lives. Love you!