Monday, July 13, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 48

It's been a good week, we are still very busy here. Finally got everything unpacked so that is good. The Mission is still downsizing so we had quite a bit of miles for our car taken away :( So, we mostly bike everywhere now. We are still teaching a lot of people, so that is good. Zone p-day last week was really fun! We went to the Wichita Mountains and hiked and explored them! I really liked doing that, and I took pictures! So that was a good start to this week. We went on exchanges on Friday so I went to Anadarko, and Elder Lyman stayed here. It was a good exchange, I forgot how different Oklahoma was from Texas, there are a lot of Native Americans in Anadarko, so I was asked quite a few times, what tribe am I from? Lots of People think I'm Native American. It's funny. Starting to meet a lot more people from the ward, and slowly learning the area. There was a Forth of July party at the church, and that was fun. At the beginning, it was really stormy and a lot of rain, so we thought at first the fireworks might be canceled, but the storm didn't last very long, so everything went great. We played ultimate frisbee, and volleyball, till it got dark, and since the church is in the park and they do the fireworks in the park it was the perfect place to watch them, and we were pretty close too. They were good fireworks. :) Chickasha is getting better, but it is still a large area, or for me it is :), so I still have lots to learn.
The Old District Is Back!!!

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