Monday, July 6, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 47

So my new address is 204 E. Almar Dr. Apt 804, Chickasha Oklahoma 73018. So in Chickasha we have a huge area, we cover most of Grady County, so I'm glad we have a car. :) So this week,  has been crazy, too much change and I don't like getting transferred :( We have been so busy here in Chickasha since I have gotten here, which is good, but I'm still not totally unpacked yet, it seems like I only have a few minutes everyday to do so, so with all that going on it is a little hard, but we have seen lots of miracles this week. We got two new investigators and they are really cool! It's really funny about Texas, when you are in Oklahoma, everyone doesn't want to go to Texas, but since I have been there, I think it is the one of the best places in the mission! I am going to miss everyone there. So this week has been crazy busy like I said. So hopefully this week I can get more stuff done.... there are lots of mosquitos here, they are no fun.... so on Tuesday night, we were helping the other missionaries in Texas move their stuff into our apartment, so I just wore my socks and sandals, well, we are standing outside and then I notice, my feet feel like they are burning.... so I go inside and take off my socks to look at my feet, got bit by a whole bunch of mosquitos!! So that made it really fun to walk around in the heat for the next few days.  But they are finally better now, and don't worry I still have lots of bug spray. I was so sad to leave my investigators in Texas   :( and I hope they are in good hands, it's not the same as leaving them in your companions hands though because we both left the area.... and Chickasha is medium size, but we cover almost an entire county! Oh and the Church building here is next to a  Park! And they have a good view of it. :) It is a branch here, so there are not many people, 2 months ago one of the members went on a mission and she was a recent convert! The last time some one went on a mission here was 10 years ago... the work is hastening! Love you all!