Monday, July 6, 2015

Witchita Falls, Texas- Week 46

So, last Monday we had Zone P-day, and that was really fun, we got to play dodge ball, so that was a fun change from what we normally do. After that we went to dinner, and the zone leaders wanted to go to this place call Wasabi, so we and a few other went with them, it was a awesome place! It was also really expensive though, but they cooked the food infront of us! And then after that, we had a meeting, and a training, learned a lot from those. We helped out at the food bank, that is always fun to do. We saw Mike and Steve, they are doing well, his foot is getting better everyday! :) We had another lesson with Tyler and Chennel, we taught the Doctrine of Christ and it went great, they are awesome! We were able to see a lot more people this week, so we were busy most days. On Friday, we had exchanges with the zone leaders, Elder Wilcox came with me to my area. We saw lots of miracles, we got in with people that we normally don't, so hopefully it will be easier to visit them in the future. On Saturday, we did our last day of the Parade of Homes for Habitat for Humanity, it was fun, we sold tickets inside, and the homes were really pretty. Friday night it started raining again, it rained 3 inches that night, so all the rivers rose a lot the next day, the thunder was really loud, woke me up a few times, but I like the sound of thunder so it's ok. Saturday and Sunday night it rained a lot too, seems like that is what it is going to do for most of the week, I like it if it will keep the temperature down. Until next week! Love you!