Sunday, July 26, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 50

This has been a crazy and busy week! We have had lots of lessons with people so our days are full of rushing around to the next appointment, the weather is getting hotter outside, but it is still cooler than Arizona! So we have been riding our bikes a lot. And dont worry, I have been drinking lots of water. Every Wednesday we do service at the animal shelter, so we take the dogs out of their kennels and walk them for a little bit, that has been fun, we always smell like wet dog afterwards though. So on Wednsday or Thursday we parked our car like we always do, and rode on our bikes, well we came back to our car at about 8:45ish, and we couldn't find it! It was the wierdest thing, because we were pretty sure we remembered where we parked it, so we looked for it for about 45min, and still couldn't find it, so we called our vehicle cordinator and president to tell them. Because by now, we are thinking either it got towed, or someone stole it.... so it was a long night, between police and calling mission leaders, so the next day a member calls us and tells us that he found the car, and yup it was there, we just don't remember at all that it was parked there, to that was really weird. But we have it, and everything is all good now, so that was a eventfull part of the week. We also met a guy who is taller than President Walkenhorst, the guy was 7'3, that's pretty tall.