Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 62

This week felt pretty long, we had Zone Conference on Wednesday and that took up almost all off the day, so that felt like that went on for a while. This week we have been tracting a lot, we haven't gotten any new investigators yet, but there was a few that said we could come back sometime next week. I'm still trying to get used to having more language study and now 12 week (training Elder Pearson) now in the schedule, but it is slowly getting better. We have been busy riding around. I put that odometer on my bike on Friday, and it says so far I have ridden 20 miles on the bike, that's a lot, I'm going to see how many we ride in a week.:) And of course the high light of the week! Lois's Baptism!!!! Her baptism was on Saturday! It was awesome, and lots of people showed up to support her, I was so happy that she was able to heal enough for baptism, this has been something she has wanted more than anything else since I first got here, and that was probably more than 3 months ago,:) on Friday the I went on exchanges with the zone leaders from Pauls Valley, that went well, we had a good time together and was able to learn a lot from them. There are two members of the branch who had knee replacements, so everyone in the branch was making the joke that there must have been a sale on knees lately:). And one of the people who got the replacement, came to church with his walker, so he and another member who was already using a walker were trying to race each other down the hall ways, it was really funny to watch, hahaha. We watched the eclipse last night, it was soo cool!!!!! There was a lot of people outside watching it happen. 

Baptism! :)