Monday, December 21, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 66

This week we had to wear our suit coats because it was below 60, so it is getting colder outside! On Thursday we had to ride in the rain, and we got soaked, hahaha, riding around in the rain reminds me of my first area. So that was fun, sort of, hahaha. So on Tuesday, we did service at the museum, but every other week I have a meeting over the phone during that time, so I had that this week, so I didn't get to do much this week. But the meeting was funny, so at the beginning of the transfer, the zone leaders broke their phone, it was old, and fell apart, so they got a new one, so during the meeting, we all hear them log out of the call, and so we don't know that to do, so we are trying to figure out that happened. It turns out the the zone leaders accidentally dropped their new phone in a cup of water,hahaha. They sort of got it working again, but we could barely hear them over the call. When all that was over I did get to do some service, what I did was help clean this old saddle that they had, we had some saddle leather cleaner and some rags and were scrubbing it, trying to clean it up. On Wednesday, we did service at the animal shelter; we had fun walking the dogs, and Elder Roundy found a piece of Elder Lyman's name tag in the grass, so we told him about that, and it turns out that he had the other half and never could find that last piece, so we mailed it to him, it is cool that even after all this time that we were able to find it. Lois is still doing great, and was telling us that she can't wait till she is able to go to the temple! Our investigators are doing well, we are having a fall festival at the church on Wednesday so we have been trying to invite as many people as we can to that, hopefully there should be a lot of people there. This week we went on exchanges, I went with Elder Roundy to his area and Elder Mcvey and Elder Pearson were together in this area, it was a good exchange, we were able to teach a few people and improve our areas. We had a good Sunday, we got to meet with Sam and Anthony again, they are progressing, every time we go there I always learn so much, they have some hard questions at times, so after, I always study it and am able to learn more. With transfers, me and Elder Pearson are staying together, and Elder Mcvey is going to OKC, and Elder Roundy's new companion is Elder Willams. This week was good, stressful at times, but the work here is still going forward. Love you!