Thursday, December 24, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 69

It was a pretty good week this week, on P-day we played football, it was fun, it was a long drive though, Or it seemed like it, Pauls Valley is about a hour away, so after p-day we had a meeting, and that was really good, made sure I took lots of notes. The next morning, I also had another meeting in Pauls Valley, so all of the zone leaders and their companions all had to stay the night at the zone leaders apartment, and they have a small apartment. There was about 12 or 14 of us in there! So it was a little crowded, haha! So the next morning we had meetings, then after that we finally got to go home, we were all so tired after that, it was funny. All we wanted to do is sleep, but we couldn't. Wednesday we did service at the animal shelter, fun as always. :) We had a busy week, got to see a lot of people and teach too! On Friday I went on exchanges with the zone leaders, so I got to go with Elder McGinnis to Pauls Valley again! It was cool to see their area, I have never been there before. We had a good time. and that night we got a call from one of their members asking us if we could fix their heater for their house. Elder McGinnis was telling me that they get calls like this all the time, whenever anyone has a problem in Pauls Valley, they call the missionaries, hahaha! So we went over there and looked at it, but nothing really happened so we told them to call someone that knows what they are doing :) On Sunday we got one of our investigators to church that we have been working with for a while now, and finally got them to come! They said they enjoyed it, so hopefully we will see them next week as well. Sunday was cold and raining, and of course it was our day to bike.... so that was fun, sort of, at least it wasn't raining hard, so we stayed warm and dry. We heard about Paris, everyone is talking about it, how sad! I love you and hope that you all had a great week! 
Everyone at the Zone Leaders Place