Sunday, December 20, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 65

The weather is starting to get a little colder! I love the cooler weather, the only thing that I'm not a fan of is when it gets below 60, we have to wear our suits. But this week has been pretty good. We had a good lesson with Tone, and next time he is going to teach us the restoration. We had a good time at the museum as usual :). We had a great lesson with Arthur, we have been meeting with him for a while, and in the beginning he said he would meet with us, but didn't want the lessons, now we are teaching him, and he is keeping commitments, and is doing great. I love the change we can see in people. Lois is still doing great! She is amazing, and she loves her calling in the branch. We are giving her the new member lessons now. On Friday, we were able to go to one of our investigator`s house, had a good lesson with them, they had lots of questions, so I have been busy studying for them so I can answer their questions next time.  This week we did a lot of service, on Saturday morning we had a service project to help one of our investigators remove trees, bushes, and vines from their front and back yard. It only took about 2 hours and it looked so much better, then after that we helped one of our recent converts move. We got a new investigator this week, he is taller then our mission president, he told us that his grandfather was 8 foot...... thats tall. We had a great lesson with him, we taught the restoration, and I think that was the best lesson that me and Elder Pearson have taught so together. It's funny now that it is getting colder, I am like, I remember this last year, wow that was a long time ago, hahaha! I love you, hope that you all have a great week!