Monday, December 14, 2015

Chickasha, Oklahoma- Week 63

This has been a good week, the weather has been really nice, and last night it was starting to get a little cold, so i am loving the weather. :) We are still doing service at the museum here, it is so much fun to do, that day in the morning I had a meeting over the phone with the other district leaders, and that took a long time, so I didn't get to do that much at the museum, but what I did is took old pictures and put them in protective sleeves. On Wednesday we had Zone Conference, we heard some really good training from President Walkenhorst and the AP's, so after the zone conference, we went to the mission office to pick up more supplies, and in the office they have a list of departing and arriving missionaries, and the sisters that came out with me from the Mexico MTC were on the list! So I was talking to one of the English sisters that came out with me and said, "hey guess who is going to have their name on that list next transfer?", so she ran over to the list, and was like no way! I haven't been out that long! It was really funny to watch. Everything is going well, we have been talking to a lot more people who say we could come back, the problem we are having now is meeting with them again, preparing for district meeting training have still been a little hard, but every week they seem like it gets better, so I am glad for that. Time is going by so fast, I can't believe it is already October, its crazy. The highlight of the week would have to be with one of the recent coverts that we are working with, she finally got her patriartical blessing! We have been working with her for a while, helping her overcome her fears of things in the church, the temple, and this! She was so excited, after she got home she called us right away and told us! :) She said it was so worth it. Lois is still going great too! :) She has a calling already, and it very eager to be able to serve in the church. General Conference was really good, it was sad not being able to see some of the familiar faces that we were all used to, but I enjoyed the talk Elder Bednar gave at the end about them. some of the main topics I got out of conference was to have a current temple recommend, always have the Holy Ghost to be with you, and follow the prophet. For today we are having a zone p-day, so the whole zone is going up to Pauls Valley and we are doing this big obstacle course that some member up there is setting up for us, should be lots of fun! and I will send you pictures off all that next week! :)