Thursday, June 9, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 90

So this week has been pretty good, Zone P-day was really fun, we had a relay race, and some other activities, one of them was a egg toss, and there was some people that got really far, they were probably throwing this egg from 70+ feet away, and they didn't break it! There was one that bounced on the ground and didn't break.......... at one point we thought they cheated and hard-boiled it or something! Finally it broke so it wasn't hard boiled, the one that they had was one tough egg! We had lots of fun, and we had a meeting after that. We learned a lot about different teaching situations; they had some members that were in different room, and so we had to practice teaching them. It was good practice. Service at the food pantry was fun as always. And then on Friday, :) I had a great birthday! :) And the sisters threw a little party as well, it was great, best birthday on a misson ever! We went on exchanges with the Choctaw Elders, that went well. We were helping someone build a playground set for his daughters birthday, it was fun to help out, it took forever though. My knees are doing ok, I have been doing the exercises like I have been told, so hopefully that will help. The storm we got on Friday-Sunday wasn't the best. We are still really busy, and the work is starting to pick back up again. And we don't know about transfers yet, it is a 7 week transfer so we will know next week.

Elder Lyman came back to visit!

The Sisters Decorated the Car!