Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Edmond Oklahoma- Week 100

This has been a hot week, we have been outside a lot tracting! At the beginning of the week, we were finding a lot of people, we started trying to tract in the late evening, and so far that was the best time to do that. So at the beginning of the week, we found 4 new people, only later we sadly found out that we weren't in our area... so we gave the other elders a lot of referals for them to teach. We got a baptismal date that we are excited for! The highlight of the week was two things, one was-do you remember Melody? she was my first convert- well, I got to go with her when she went to the temple to get endowed!!! She was so happy! It was great to see her again, that event right there, just made the entire mission worth it. I was soo happy that I was able to be with her for that. We also we had stake conference, and bishop Causet, was there, he is the presiding bishop of the church! So we got to meet him and talk to him for a little. It was really cool!