Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Edmond, Oklahoma- Week 92

Yep, so I am in Edmond 2nd now! It is a lot different then Del City. It's still a little weird being in the more city like areas, but I do like it - and that we have a car! :) I am so glad for that. The work is going pretty well in this area. This week we were able to set two baptismal dates, so that was great. We do some service here every week, and it all sounds like so much fun! The weather has been nice, so storms yet, but we heard that we might be getting some this week. We were able to go with Jimmy to get his Patriarchal Blessing this week, it was sooo cool to be able to be there! The spirit was so strong there, it was amazing. Like I said last week- my companion is Elder Ricks and he's cool- we get along great!  Hes been out 9 months. And it's cool, one of the places we do service here is called the hope center. It's sort of like GoodWill. People donate stuff to it, and then they sell it for a few dollars. You can buy a new GPS for $3, so can't wait to go there! Have a great week!