Monday, June 13, 2016

Del City, Oklahoma- Week 91

So im getting transferred :( I'm going to Edmond 2nd Ward, the address is 3621 Wynn Dr. Apt 55. Edmond, 73013. We had a really good week here in Del City though! So we ended on a good note, there has been so many miracles this week. We found so many new people to teach, it was a week to remember. We had a lot of members come out with us, and we got in to our appointments with those members as well :) We met Rodney- he talked with missionaries here in the past, a long time ago, and it was really cool how they found him! Long story short, they literally saved his life, he loves meeting with us, sadly he has cancer and doesn't have that long left, but he is the most humble guy I have ever met, it was awesome that we found him. We had exchanges with the zone leaders this week, and that went well. We went to their area for the day. And the next day, their was a Book of Mormon play that the Spanish branch did in the city and so we got to go to that. It was sooo good, they put so much effort into that. I'm going to miss this place, I really liked it here!